Plug loads encompass a broad range of equipment, electronic devices and appliances…….all “plugged in” to an electrical outlet.  Some loads are 24 x 7, others night only, others peak during daytime service hours or during a special event.  For example, at a hotel property we closely examine icemakers, pool pumps, kitchen equipment, coolers and freezers for efficient operation.  At golf clubs we scrutinize the cart charging operations and the pumps used for nighttime irrigation.  All properties with string lights and landscape lighting can be made efficient with lower wattage lamps that last 5-15x longer than standard.

EMA taps into a broad array of proven Energy Star replacements for equipment that is aged and inefficient.  And as with other EMA focus areas, these solutions are often rebated by local utilities and can be phased capital investments that over time (or as part of renovations), transform a facility, making it much cheaper and easier to maintain.