About Us

Energy Management Advisors (EMA) can operate in all 50 states and has a great track record of successes with shopping centers, hotels, private schools, places of worship and recreation, and other commercial and community properties.  With 100’s of projects under our belt, our experienced Advisors bring proven new technologies, professional project management and solid financial analysis to all phases of the project.  Methods and processes are standardized with fees tied to a written Scope of Work developed mutually with the Client.  Our approach is data-based and most recommendations are accompanied with a Cost of Ownership Cash Flow Model to aid in your decision making.

Our focus areas include Lighting, HVAC, Building Envelope, Plug Loads & Solar.  As you consider Solar, tap into our expertise in evaluating proposals and developing installations that perform as promised.  We are also able to quarterback your company’s sustainability initiatives.  From the initial energy assessment through project completion, we’ll make sure that your cost saving and environmental objectives are met.

Now is the time to take advantage of the many federal, state, utility and manufacturers’ rebates and incentives to help fund your energy retrofit.  Our engagement includes not only the identification and implementation of measures with a good ROI, but we also seek creative ways to finance the projects if needed.  So if you are contemplating investments to lower your operational costs (utilities/maintenance), go green (solar) or renovate facilities, contact EMA first.  The ongoing savings fall directly to the bottom line and either increase your profitability or allow you to redirect funds to your critical programs.

Included in the initial assignment is a free 12-month utility analysis to determine if your site is on the lowest cost rate plan.