A first area to examine for savings is Lighting.  Incandescent, hot halogen, metal halide and older fluorescent lighting applications should be assessed for replacement.  The majority of the power energizing current lighting systems is used to create heat that your HVAC systems have to evacuate.  Newer lighting technologies create better, more efficient, longer lasting and cooler light.  A lighting update can be the fastest payback measure in your Clean Energy Retrofit Program.

EMA takes great care in matching color, color rendering and lumens to create the proper aesthetics with the new lighting.  Samples are placed for your review prior to proliferation.  Lamps, ballasts, reflectors and covers are all properly matched.  We make sure that the technologies chosen dim properly, enhance the beauty of the surroundings and work well with your existing LMS system.  Occupancy sensors can also be dialed in for those infrequently used or off-hour spaces.  For outdoor lighting (i.e. parking lots/garages, wallpacks), EMA specializes in retrofitting your existing fixtures with a 100,000 hour rated lifetime technology at a fraction of the cost of new fixtures.  Fourth generation LED lighting is also a specialty area of expertise.

A detailed “As Is” mapping of your existing inventory with all associated operating characteristics of each application starts the process.  A prioritized Total Cost of Ownership Model then launches the decision-making process for new lighting.  Warranty, restocking and recycling programs close out the installation.  With utilities typically paying for nearly a third of the upfront cost, a < 2 Year payback is common.