For-Profit Entities with an income tax liability should consider owning their solar installation.  This way (even if financed) the Ownership Entity can directly monetize the available tax credits and MACRS accelerated depreciation benefits.  Combining these benefits with any utility incentives and the electric offset savings can create a 20+ year performing asset that lowers your electric bill, hedges future rate increases and enhances property values.  Capital Leases, L.O.C.’s or Direct Loans are often available with 5-10 year terms.  And if you pay cash, two-thirds of your investment is returned in the first three years so there’s very efficient use of your capital.

Non-Profit Entities can also enjoy the financial benefits of solar.  3rd Party Ownership combined with an operating lease or SSA/PPA agreement can create a no-money-down installation.  An electric offset is immediately created with title to the installation transferring to the Non-Profit at the end of the finance term.

All Entities considering solar carports should take advantage of the incentives that are available for the steel support infrastructure in addition to those that are available for panels and electrical equipment.  Care must be taken in the design however to qualify.
Together with your CFO, EMA can help identify the financing methodology that best fits your situation as well as provide assistance to your attorney on contract documents.